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Rúni Seloy‎‎Rætta

Wutsje er ein sera góður Admin á fo.wikipedia. Hann bannar fólk uttan grund, eitt nú skrivar hann at rúni seloy hevur føðingardag 6, sj´lvt um tað er 8. Taðs tendur á facebook, men í grundini, so trollar Wutsje. Wutsje Eigur í grundini ikki at verða admin. (Added by 6. feb 2011 kl. 00:45 (UTC))

Facebook has its information from a vandalised page on fo:wiki, see here. And about that uttan grund: I suppose you were really happy with an article with the text "Danmarkmeistari er nakað tá ein Dani vinnur eitt heitið yvir øll tí donsku natiónini. Haleljuha ikki. Men ja soleiðis er. Ikke godt"? Wutsje 6. feb 2011 kl. 01:00 (UTC)

men eg brúki informatiónir frá tí ordiliga profilinum, ikki bólkinum spassari! http://www.facebook.com/RuniSeloy (Added by 6. feb 2011 kl. 01:11 (UTC))

That link is not accessible for non-Facebook clients, so it's not generally verifiable. And it's also not the link you dumped in the article. Wutsje 6. feb 2011 kl. 01:17 (UTC)

but i know him, and i'm friend to him on facebook, and you can not see it. you cant say that i lie. I can ask him to answear perosnally to you. (Added by 6. feb 2011 kl. 01:56 (UTC))

I'm not implying you (or anyone) are lying, but I like to see reliable and verifiable independent sources for edits like these, because I've seen to many wikis vandalised in this way. If you can come up with one: great. Wutsje 6. feb 2011 kl. 02:08 (UTC)

Eg skal siga tær nakað tín fani. Eg eri ein kelda. Eg síggi hann hvønn dag, spassari. Eg var við tá hann bleiv føddur, eg sá hann vaska upp, reyvarhol! og eg klipti nalvastrongin! (Added by 6. feb 2011 kl. 03:19 (UTC))

Could you please translate this into English? I can read fo a little, but this is just too much for me. Wutsje 6. feb 2011 kl. 21:50 (UTC)
I'll tell you something, you devil. I am a source. I see him every day, spaz. I was there when he was born, I saw him do the dishes(??????), asshole! And I cut the umbilical cord! Heini Høgnason 8. feb 2011 kl. 23:04 (UTC)
Thank you kindly for the translation (no dishes though: eg sá hann vaska upp means I saw him grow up). In the meantime, this reyvarhol has added a verifiable third-party source for Mr. Seloy's date of birth to the article (a reference to an atletics.fo document). Wutsje 9. feb 2011 kl. 02:30 (UTC)
Vaksa upp means to grow up. Vaska upp means to do the dishes. Misspelling perhaps? ROARD 9. feb 2011 kl. 15:56 (UTC)
Ah, yes, thank you, I misread that, which is a bit stupid: in Frisian, one of my native languages, it's waakse and waskje (see also the German words wachsen and waschen). Wutsje 9. feb 2011 kl. 19:01 (UTC)