Føroyar Vælkomin á føroysku Wikipediu!

Hey VerdunamMoa, og vælkomin til føroysku Wikipediu! Takk fyri tíni ískoyti. Eg vóni, at tær dámar Wikipediu og ger av at verða verandi. Her eru nakrar góðar slóðir til nýggjar brúkarar:

EileenSanda (talk) 4. mai 2014 kl. 07:54 (UTC)

Don't speak Faroese? Post {{Brúkari fo-0}} on your user page or put it into your babel box.

Magnus á StongumEdit

Hi, you made a redirect from Magnus á Stongum to Jóan Jakku Guttesen, they are two different persons, why did you do that? EileenSanda (talk) 4. mai 2014 kl. 07:56 (UTC)

Thanks for information. That was a mistake. Please excuse me. Please, will you be so kind to correct it. Thanks and greetings -- VerdunamMoa (talk) 4. mai 2014 kl. 08:00 (UTC)
Thanks for your reply, I have already deleted the redirect you made from Magnus á Stongum. Regards EileenSanda (talk) 4. mai 2014 kl. 08:22 (UTC)

Population of Faroese villagesEdit

Hello. I can see that you have updated some of the info regarding population of Faroese villages, but why ony update from 2005 to 2007? You can find the most recent info regarding population as late as 2013 on the website of the Faroese Statistics agency. First you chose the top line which says "Broyting í fólkatalinum skift á býir/bygdir, mánað, til- og frágongd (2005-2013)". It is written in Faroese. Chose first Býir/bygdir, which means Towns/villages. Then you just chose the village, they are not in alphabetical order, the order is from north-east to south, then you chose the year, the month and "Fólkatalið fyrsta" (population at the beginning of the month) and then "Halt áfram" (continue) and the number appears. Regards EileenSanda (talk) 9. mai 2014 kl. 08:31 (UTC)

Hello EileenSanda, first: Please will you look at Windhoek. Is the year now on the right place?

Then I will write it so in future and correcht the others step-by-step when I find it. Regards -- VerdunamMoa (talk)

Second: Thanks for information to find the newest dates in the Faroes statistics. I didn't know it. But in moment the newest dates are better than the elder.
Third: The Editor would have been able to wright it, that's sorted from north-east to south.

because it's not obvious for readers and editors. -- VerdunamMoa (talk) 9. mai 2014 kl. 12:50 (UTC)

Yes, the year is written in correct place in that article about Windhoek. "Íbúgvar" means inhabitants, it is best if the year comes in parenthesis after the word "íbúgvar" I think. Regarding the other, about the number of inhabitants on the Faroese website hagstova.fo, yes you are right about that, it is not easy to find out for people who are not familiar with the geography of the Faroes, if there was a description above, then it would be easier to find out, also for us Faroese people. Oh, sorry, I just found out, that it is in English also :), here . It starts with Hattarvík, which is on Fugloy, after the villages on the Northern Islands come the villages on Eysturoy, then in Streymoy, Hestur, Koltur, Nólsoy, then comes the villages on Vágar island and Mykines, after that you can find the villages south of Streymoy: on Sandoy island, Stóra Dímun, Skúvoy and the villages on Suðuroy (South Island). EileenSanda (talk) 9. mai 2014 kl. 13:00 (UTC)