Føroyar Vælkomin á føroysku Wikipediu!

Hey RgC, og vælkomin til føroysku Wikipediu! Takk fyri tíni ískoyti. Eg vóni, at tær dámar Wikipediu og ger av at verða verandi. Her eru nakrar góðar slóðir til nýggjar brúkarar:

Niceley 9. januar 2010 kl. 02:19 (UTC)

Don't speak Faroese? Post {{Brúkari fo-0}} on your user page or put it into your babel box.

Thank you


Hey! Just wanted to say thank you very much for your contributions to this Wikipedia! It was a great idea to create an own category for islands in the US. Niceley 8. mai 2011 kl. 02:43 (UTC)Reply

Thanks! I'm going to create categories for cities, mountains and so on too... RgC 8. mai 2011 kl. 10:13 (UTC)Reply
That's awesome! I'm currently working on writing a lot on this months article about Osama bin Laden, it's important that we keep the Wikipedia updated:) Let me know if there are anything I can help you with! Translations or other things! Niceley 8. mai 2011 kl. 03:20 (UTC)Reply

About the category confusion


Hey RgC! I read your request on Brúkarakjak:Niceley. Great to have more people trying to tidy up the category structure here! A few comments:

You also may use the template {{stríka}} on pages or categories you want to have removed.

There are a number of cases of doubleton categories. One reason is, that some categories have been created in the singular, where the plural should be preferred. There are also synonyms (e.g., "Dýr" = "Djór"). When I see troubles of this kind (in the rare times I have for fo-wp), I try to fix them. I try to follow some guidelines:

    • When there is no obvious reason to prefer one name above the other (like plural forms), I check who created the categories, and (if they are active users) ask them for their opinion.
    • I try to ensure that all categories (except the top one: Bólkur:Bólkar) get placed as appropriate subcategories of existing categories. They should be possible to find in a natural manner from going down in the top category.
    • I check whether there is a corresponding category on en-wp. If so, I interwikilink the new fo-category to the en-category, and vice versa. (In a couple of days, robots will complete the iw-linking in all concerned languages.)
    • I never mark a category for deletion, until I've checked that it is empty. The articles there should be recategorized first.

I am very happy to note, that you seem to place your new categories equally carefully, within the category structure!

A couple of days ago, I started to work with the articles and subcategories of Bólkur:Amerikanari (i.e., "Category:American", in singular). The direct reason was the correct complaint by Tofts; see Bólkakjak:Amerikanari. Among others, I created Bólkur:Amerikanskir tónleikarar (actually, just most of the other subcategories; sorry!), and placed it as a subcategory.

In my work, I noted that there already existed a category Bólkur:Amerikanskur tónleikari, which was not placed as an appropriate subcategory. I also noted that it unhappily was not empty... (Explanation: See Bólkakjak:Amerikanari.) Thus, I decided to wait , until al articles there had been placed properly; which in the most cases would mean only in the new category Amerikanskir tónleikarar, and anyhow as seldom as possible in the super category Amerikanari.

Happily, someone else (you or Niceley, I guess) seems to have moved them to the new category. Unhappily, they still seem to belong also to inappropriate super categories.

Another thing I try to do is never to create an article or template, without categorising them. Cf. Bólkur:Fyrimyndir.

Best, Jörgen B 14. mai 2011 kl. 11:45 (UTC)Reply