Munurin millum rættingarnar hjá "Wikipedia:Undirhúsið"

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:Okay! So it is done. The photo is now reopened and set to ALL people. I am sorry if t hat caused any anger to you Quackor, I dont want to be on anyone´s bad side. So, I think we should change the photo page to a form similar to the Icelandic. If they click on ''This is my own work'', it redirects to commons, if they click ''This is a photo of art, CD, whatever'' then it will redirect to our own faroese wiki form. Can you do this Quackor since your Faroese skills are beyond mine (naturally haha)? --[[Brúkari:Girdi|Girdi]] 4. des 2007 kl. 03:23 (UTC)
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