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::::: Im ok with that, the optimal would off course be uploading on commons, but without having to redirect to commons (i.e., using forms on fo.wp which submit into commons). [[Brúkari:Quackor|<font size="+1"><span class="Unicode" style="font-family:{{Unicode fonts}}; font-family /**/:inherit;">&#x211A;</span></font>uackor]] 27. nov 2007 kl. 20:36 (UTC)
:::::: I agree. I will set up bug again on bugzilla, in the meantime you can if you want copy and paste and translate the Icelandic one. And excuse me lack of activity, just really busy with háskóli. tað harmer meg. --[[Brúkari:Girdi|Girdi]] 1. des 2007 kl. 17:43 (UTC)
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