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::::::::I am going to set up a bug on bugzilla to close the upload feature on to members except for umbóðstjóri. So it leaves it still possible to have logos on Fo.wikipedia, but only an administrator can upload it since it is asumed that the administrator knows about images and licenses. There are about 256 photos on this wiki which need to be deleted. --[[Brúkari:Girdi|Girdi]] 15. okt 2007 kl. 16:18 (UTC)
::: Just a comment: ''fair use'' is an American copyright law, it is not applicable in the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Europe. [[Brúkari:Quackor|<font size="+1"><span class="Unicode" style="font-family:{{Unicode fonts}}; font-family /**/:inherit;">&#x211A;</span></font>uackor]] 4. nov 2007 kl. 12:43 (UTC)
::::Very true, unfortunately, the main servers for Wikipedia are all based in Florida, USA. And actually, it is part of Icelandic law [\0h%F6fundalaga\0h%F6fundalaganna\0h%F6fundalagar\0h%F6fundalagarins\0h%F6fundalagi\0h%F6fundalaginu\0h%F6fundalagi%F0\0h%F6fundalags\0h%F6fundalagsins\0h%F6fundalegi\0h%F6fundalegina\0h%F6fundaleginum\0h%F6fundalegir\0h%F6fundalegirnir\0h%F6fundal%F6g\0h%F6fundal%F6gin\0h%F6fundal%F6ginn\0h%F6fundal%F6gum\0h%F6fundal%F6gunum\0h%F6fundal%F6gur\0h%F6fundal%F6gurinn#word1 here], under Höfundalög. :) --[[Brúkari:Girdi|Girdi]] 4. nov 2007 kl. 15:35 (UTC)
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