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: Future advice: Write a reason. [[Brúkari:Quackor|<font size="+1"><span class="Unicode" style="font-family:{{Unicode fonts}}; font-family /**/:inherit;">&#x211A;</span></font>uackor]] 18. okt 2007 kl. 12:02 (UTC)
::Forgive me for deleting without reason, but many images were without licenses and have been on the wiki for quite some time. And uncategorised. I will include a reason next time, sorri about that. --[[Brúkari:Girdi|Girdi]] 18. okt 2007 kl. 15:46 (UTC)
:: '''!!!!''' You have deleted images which are legal, plz. recreate all images now'''!''' This is an example: [[:Mynd:Lena anderssen.jpg]]. A lot of articles look crapy now that the images don't exist any more - here is a rule of thumb, if you delete an image 1. make soure it is not legal 2. remove the image from all pages which link to the image. [[Brúkari:Quackor|<font size="+1"><span class="Unicode" style="font-family:{{Unicode fonts}}; font-family /**/:inherit;">&#x211A;</span></font>uackor]] 31. okt 2007 kl. 10:42 (UTC)
::: If they are legal, then use Commons, what is wrong with that? Anything in uncategorised images is subject to deletion on most wikipedias becuase they don't have a valid license. These images have been on this wiki for a long time, and no one has attempted to fix them. If they are so important, then maybe a little more time concerning these images would have been better. Notice I did not delete the images which fall in categories here, although some I disagree is GFDL. There was a discussion in Undirhúsið about this for a good week, most agreed to delete images in the uncategorised images. Sysop's can still upload photos, you just have to click on the actual image to upload it. Maybe I haven't been on this wikiproject as long as you, but as a sysop someone has to play the bad man and delete images that don't have a home here, without proper licensing. We had a similar situation on the Icelandic wikipedia when I was in your situation and my images were all deleted by another user, it happens. --[[Brúkari:Girdi|Girdi]] 31. okt 2007 kl. 16:43 (UTC)
:::: They might be legal, but haven't been categorized properly. If they haven't, then they are a subject for deletion. Girdi, isn't there an [[:is:Snið:ÓU]] template that you can use? --[[Brúkari:Steinninn|Steinninn]] 31. okt 2007 kl. 18:00 (UTC)
::::: Out of respect for Quackor, I will halt deleting anymore images and just like you suggested Steinninn, use [[:is:Snið:ÓU]] for future images that are not licensed correctly. (obviously after a faroese translation). We must be mindful about the future, if nothing would have been done now, imagine years and years from now when Faroese wiki has about 20.000 or 30.000 articles and 50x myndir, then it will be a huge mess and deletion of illegal images would take months. It's good we catch this at an early stage of the wiki. --[[Brúkari:Girdi|Girdi]] 31. okt 2007 kl. 18:08 (UTC)
::::: I have not looked at all the images you have deleted, but the example that i mention [[:Mynd:Lena anderssen.jpg]] was labeled with [[Fyrimynd:GFDL|GFDL]] []. As for "''If they are legal, then use Commons''" i know that this is something that the Icelandic wikipedia does, but this is not something that is general for all wikipedias (i.e.,da,de,en,...). Of course it would be nice if images where submitted directly to commons, but this does not mean that all images in have to be deleted right now. The [[is:Wikipedia:Hlaða inn skrá|Hlaða inn skrá]] is nice but not optimal, it is a long process to add a image (go to ''Hlaða inn skrá'', go to commons, login, go to upload). [[Brúkari:Quackor|<font size="+1"><span class="Unicode" style="font-family:{{Unicode fonts}}; font-family /**/:inherit;">&#x211A;</span></font>uackor]] 2. nov 2007 kl. 14:32 (UTC)
::::: PS. Do you know the English ÓU template? Maybe i could translate it. [[Brúkari:Quackor|<font size="+1"><span class="Unicode" style="font-family:{{Unicode fonts}}; font-family /**/:inherit;">&#x211A;</span></font>uackor]] 2. nov 2007 kl. 14:34 (UTC)
::::::I will restore the GFDL, sorry about that. Just I have warned two users about uploading these photos (in faroese) without licenses or one person was obviously uploading photos from websites under GFDL. They ignored my warning. And I hate blocking since that is just childish on people who actually want to help the wiki, so I figured lets for now close the upload tool to only Sysops. If you don't like that, I guess we should open a new discussion in Undirhúsið and if we come to a decision we can let the Bugzilla guys know, but I already have made a nice front page translation on commons and need your help with the other faroese commons translations please. :) It doesn't take that long to upload a file on commons, actually I find it quicker. And if someone is say translating an article or a request from one wiki to another, it is SO much easier if that photo is on commons. I do that much, and it is annoying when translating an article with a nice photo but you can't use it cause it is on the local wiki server not commons :S . --[[Brúkari:Girdi|Girdi]] 2. nov 2007 kl. 14:57 (UTC)