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[[Wikipedia:Mánaðargreinin/november 2007]], im sorri but how is the mánaðargrein decided? Talv has been mánaðargrein for like 100 times. If you looked on the KJAK síða I have nominated Reykjavík to be mánaðargrein. Maybe it's a personal thing and you just ignored it becuase you are still mad at me for being right about the photos, or what? I don't see how you choose the mánaðargreinin, thought it was Wikipedia not Quackopedia. ;) --[[Brúkari:Girdi|Girdi]] 1. nov 2007 kl. 15:33 (UTC)
: It works like all the other wikipedias - on the frontpage you press '''Savn''' and a list of all old and ''months to come'' feature articles are listed. If there is no article for a month there is a default Example (Dømi) template used. If i see a example template on the frontpage i replace it with some old feature article as this is nicer than nothing. Everyone is welcome to replace example templates with a new feature articles. [[Brúkari:Quackor|<font size="+1"><span class="Unicode" style="font-family:{{Unicode fonts}}; font-family /**/:inherit;">&#x211A;</span></font>uackor]] 2. nov 2007 kl. 14:13 (UTC)
:: Ok, I adjusted it then to something new. :) --[[Brúkari:Girdi|Girdi]] 2. nov 2007 kl. 14:51 (UTC)