Munurin millum rættingarnar hjá "Etna"

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| elevation_m = 3329
| elevation_ref = , (varies)<ref name="summit">The elevation varies with volcanic activity. The volcano last erupted on the 27th of January 2014 .It is frequently given as {{convert|3350|m|ft|abbr=on}}, but many sources that support this concede that it is approximate. The coordinates given, which are consistent with [[SRTM]] data, are from a [ 2005 GPS survey]. The elevation data are based on a [[LIDAR]] (Light Detection and Ranging) survey carried out in June 2007, see {{Citation |last=Neri |first=M. |last2=''et al.'' |year=2008 |title=The changing face of Mount Etna's summit area documented with Lidar technology |journal=[[Geophysical Research Letters]] |volume=35 |issue= |pages=L09305 |doi=10.1029/2008GL033740 |bibcode=2008GeoRL..3509305N}}</ref>
| prominence_m = 3,3293329
| prominence_ref = <br /><small>59</small>
| map = Italy Sicily