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{{#ifeq:{{BASEPAGENAME}}|Tlx |{{High-risk|1,070,000+}} }}
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This template is used to show example template usage without expanding the template itself.
== Basic use ==
{{tlx|tlx|template|first parameter|second|third|fourth|fifth|sixth|seventh|eight|ninth}} → {{tlx|template|first parameter|second|third|fourth|fifth|sixth|seventh|eight|ninth}}
''(Note: In the following examples, [[Ellipsis|ellipses (groups of three dots)]] indicate where parameters have been omitted.)''
: {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|tlx|Template|''first parameter''|''second parameter''|''third''|…|''tenth''}} produces: {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|Template|''first parameter''|''second parameter''|''third''|…|''tenth''}}
'''<big>Purpose and naming:</big>''' [[Wikt:mnemonic|Mnemonically]] ''''T'''emplate '''l'''ist e'''x'''panded'... after <tt>{{tlx|tl}}</tt> '''T'''emplate '''l'''ist'
Where parameters might contain one or more equals-signs ("="), replace each equals-sign with {{tlf|{{=}}}}:
* This template takes another ''template-name'' and some associated [[w:pipe-trick|pipe-tricked]] [ (numbered) parameters] (or 'pass parameters'), and aggregates them into an 'example demonstration' of how the ''template-name'' template might be used. It's primary use is in instruction and documentation such as this passage.
: {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|tlx|Template|''first''<nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki>''something''|''second''|''third''<nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki>''something''|...|tenth}} produces: {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|Template|''first{{=}}something''|''second''|''third{{=}}something''|...|''tenth''}}
For more than ten parameters, possibly also containing equals-signs, use {{tag|nowiki}} thus:
* Up to five pass parameters (numbered) for the specified template are displayed as 'placeholders', and more parameters are shown as "<tt>|</tt>''...''", for details see the [[w:{{TALKPAGENAME}}|this talk]] page.
: {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|tlx|Template|&lt;nowiki><nowiki>''first''|''second''|''third=something''|...|''999th''</nowiki>&lt;/nowiki>}} produces: {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|Template|<nowiki>first|second|third=something|...|999th</nowiki>}}
== Purpose and naming ==
[[Wikt:mnemonic|Mnemonically]], "['''t''']emplate ['''l''']ink e['''x''']panded" (after {{tl|tl}}, "['''t''']emplate ['''l''']ink").
* If given no additional parameters except ''<code>&nbsp;'template&nbsp;name'&nbsp;(<nowiki>{{{1}}}</nowiki>), </code>''&nbsp;it presents the same as the similar {{tl|Tl}} [[W:macro|macro]] template -- a blue link nested in [[W:brackets|curly-braces]]-- the same as a user would apply the template without parameters, but with a noticably clearer font and spacing on most modern browsers.
This template allows an example of calling a template, accompanied by one or more parameters<!-- ("pass parameters", i.e. [[Help:Pipe trick|pipe-tricked]] [[m:Parameter#Parameters|parameters]])-->, to be displayed without also causing the template to be called.
:* {{Tlx|Tl|Tl}} display compared to {{Tlx|Tlx|Tl}}: (Tl: {{Tl|Tlx}} versus Tlx: {{Tlx|Tl}})
Up to ten of the template's parameters (numbered or nowiki-keywords) may be displayed as placeholders, while more than over 10 parameters can be displayed using a coded vertical-bar (as in "{{small|&amp;#124;}}…"). A keyword parameter can be used with equals code &amp;#61; or <nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki> or in nowiki-text: "{{tag|nowiki|content=size=10}}" or all parameters as a string in "{{tag|nowiki|o}}" tags; see ''[[#Examples|Examples]]'' at bottom. For more details, see [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|this talk]] page.
* Comparatively, {{Tlx|Tl}} will not take or display additional parameters, and for minor technical reasons, may preferred for mere listing and referencing in long pages involving a lot of template expansions[[W:WP:DPP|1]].
; Exceptions
* Additionally, Tlx will take a 'named' parameter 'SISTER' to link interwiki to other sister projects such as one of these examples: '|SISTER=W:', 'Tlx|SISTER=M:', 'Tlx|SISTER=Q:', 'Tlx|SISTER=S:', allowing documentation or discourse about a template across interwiki boundaries. Small 'front end' Shell or convience templates {{Tlx|Tlxw}} and {{tlx|Tlxm}} are typing-aid templates available at Meta for automatic substitution in discussions about templates on Wikipedia or Meta.
If the intended template lists numerous parameters, then perhaps this template should really ''not'' be used, and just hardcode the usage with {{tag|code|o}}{{tag|nowiki|o}}. For example:
: {{tag|code|content={{tag|nowiki|content=<nowiki>{{Anytemplate|arg1=23|size=250px|</nowiki><var>other parameters...</var><nowiki>}}</nowiki>}}}}.
If a vertical display, with parameters on their own lines, is desired, this can also be laid out manually in this manner, or more rapidly done with {{tag|pre}}.
* If the only parameter supplied is {{param|1}}, i.e. a template's name, {{tlf|tlx}}'s output is the same as {{tl|tl}}&nbsp;&ndash; i.e. a link within [[Braces (punctuation)|braces]]&nbsp;&ndash; but in a [[monospaced font]]:
** {{tc|tl|tl}} produces: {{tl|tl}}
** {{tc|tlx|tl}} produces: {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|tl}}
: {{tlf|tl}} will also not take nor display additional parameters.
; Named parameters
;This usage also applies to interwiki capable template variations:
# {{Tl|Tlxc}} -- which links to templates on Wikimedia Commons (The Commons).
: Setting this parameter to any non-blank value will prefix the string <code>subst:</code> linked to [[Help:Substitution]]. This is useful to indicate when a template should be substituted. For example, {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|tlx|Welcome|3=subst=Y}} produces: {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|Welcome|subst=Y}}. This is similar to the action of the {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|tlxs}} template: {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|tlxs|Welcome}} produces: {{tlxs|Welcome}}.
# {{Tl|Tlxm}} -- which links to templates on Meta
# {{Tl|Tlxw}} -- which links to templates on Wikipedia
: For an interwiki link to [[H:IW|other sister projects]], such as: {{para|SISTER|M:}} ([[m:|Meta]]), {{para|SISTER|Q:}} ([[q:|WikiQuote]]), {{para|SISTER|S:}} ([[s:|WikiSource]]), etc, facilitating interwiki template documentation and/or discussion.
: For a link to [[H:ILL|Wikipedias in other languages]], such as: {{para|LANG|de:}} ([[:de:|German]]), {{para|LANG|sv:}} ([[:sv:|Swedish]]), etc, facilitating cross-language template documentation and/or discussion.
== Documentation ==
{{tl|Tlx}} is a generalization of {{tl|tl|x}}, {{tl|tlp|x|y}} etc, with output that is arguably more legible. This depends on the browser, but narrow gaps between characters such as "{{thinsp}}'''{'''{{thinsp}}", "{{thinsp}}'''&#124;'''{{thinsp}}", "{{thinsp}}'''}'''{{thinsp}}" and links can be hard to read when not monospaced (and hard to click on; for uses like <code><nowiki>{{!}}</nowiki></code>, see {{tl|tlw}}, which makes the click target bigger).
is a generalization of {{Tlxw|Tl|x}}, {{Tlxw|Tlp|x|y}},
etcetera with arguably better readable
output. This depends on the browser, but too narrow
uses of "'''{'''", "'''|'''", "'''}'''" in conjunction
with links can be hard to read.
There are up to 10 placeholders for parameters of the specified template.
=== Usage ===
:<tt>{&#123;{{PAGENAME}}|template name&#125;}</tt>
{{#switch:{{SITENAME}} |Wikipedia|Meta= |
:<tt>{&#123;{{PAGENAME}}|template name|param&#125;}</tt>
; Note: At the en.wikipedia and Meta sites, '''X0, X1, X2,&nbsp;... X9 are sandbox templates''' for experimentation on involved templates that need be in template space. An auto-cleansing software facility exists that might be used to duplicate the facility on other sister projects.
:<tt>{&#123;{{PAGENAME}}|template name|1|2|3&#125;}</tt>
:<tt>{&#123;{{PAGENAME}}|template name|1|2|3&amp;#124;more&#125;}</tt>
:<tt>{&#123;{{PAGENAME}}|template name|param&amp;#61;value&#125;}</tt>
''Up to three placeholders for parameters of the specified template''}}
{{Aligned table |cols=3
=== Examples ===
|class=wikitable |style=border:1;cellpadding:4;
{{#ifeq:{{SITENAME}}|Wikipedia|<!-- Skip message--->|
{{#ifeq:{{SITENAME}}|Meta|<!-- No note needed --->|<!-- Other Sisters Note: --->
| Code | Result | Remarks
;Note: On the source sister projects, en.wikipedia and Meta, '''X0, X1, X2,..., X9 are sandbox templates''' for experimentation on involved templates that need be in template space. An auto-cleansing software facility exists that might be used to duplicate the facility on other Sister projects.
| {{tlx|tlx|x0}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x0}} | &#160;
| {{tlx|tlx|Abc}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|Abc}} | &#160;
| {{tlx|tlx|ABC}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|ABC}} | &#160;
| {{tlx|tlx|AbC}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|AbC}} | &#160;
| {{tlx|tlx|x1|one}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x1|one}} | &#160;
| {{tlx|tlx|x2|one|two}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x2|one|two}} | &#160;
<!--(Parameter number:)-->
| {{tlx|tlx|x3|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9&#124;10}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x3|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10}} | &#160;
| {{tlx|tlx|x4|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9&#124;10&#124;11}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x4|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11}} | up to 10 parameters...
| {{tlx|tlx|x5|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9&#124;10&amp;#124;11}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x5|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10&#124;11}} | {{align|right|...<code>&amp;#124;</code> for more}}
| {{tlx|tlx|x1|x&#61;u}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x1|x=u}} | the straightforward equals-sign won't work...
| {{tlx|tlx|x1|x&amp;#61;u}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x1|x&#61;u}} | {{align|right|...but <code>&amp;#61;</code> is okay}}
| {{tlx|tlx|x1|x<nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki>u}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x1|x{{=}}u}} | {{align|right|...and <code><nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki></code> is okay}}
| {{tlx|tlx|x1|&lt;nowiki&gt;x&#61;u&lt;/nowiki&gt;}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x1|<nowiki>x=u</nowiki>}} | {{align|right|sticky nowiki also okay}}
| {{tlx|tlx|x2|&#160;|two}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x2| |two}} | empty won't work...
| {{tlx|tlx|x2|&amp;#32;|two}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x2|&#32;|two}} | {{align|right|...but <code>&amp;#32;</code> is okay}}
| {{tlx|tlx|x2|&amp;nbsp;|two}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x2|&nbsp;|two}} | {{align|right|...<code>&amp;nbsp;</code> is also okay}}
| {{tlx|tlx|x2|{{tag|nowiki|s}}|two}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x2|<nowiki/>|two}} | {{align|right|{{tag|nowiki|s}} handles the space}}
| {{tlx|tlx|x2| &amp;#124; two}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x2| &#124; two}} | {{align|right|<code>&amp;#124;</code> is okay}}
| {{tlx|tlx|x2| {&#123;!&#125;} two}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x2 | {{!}} two}} | {{align|right|<nowiki>{{!}}</nowiki> is dubious}}
| {{tlx|tlx|x2|<nowiki>2=</nowiki>|<nowiki>3=two</nowiki>}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x2|2=|3=two}} | empty really doesn't work
{| border="1" cellpadding="4" class="wikitable"
! Code
| {{tlx|tlx|x2|<nowiki>2=one</nowiki>|two}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x2|two}} | "two" overrides "2{{=}}one"
! Result
! Remark
|up to 5 parameters, then ...
|align="right"|<tt>&amp;#124;</tt> for more
|'''=''' won't work
|align="right"|<tt>&amp;#61;</tt> is okay
|align="right"|sticky nowiki is okay
|{{Tlx|SISTER=W:|x2| |two}}
|empty won't work
|align="right"|<tt>&amp;#32;</tt> is okay
|align="right"|<tt>&amp;nbsp;</tt> is okay
|{{Tlx|SISTER=W:|Tlx|x2| &amp;#124; two}}
|{{Tlx|SISTER=W:|x2| &#124; two}}
|align="right"|<tt>&amp;#124;</tt> is okay
|| {{Tlx|SISTER=W:|Tlx|x2| {&#123;!&#125;} two}}
|| {{Tlx|SISTER=W:|x2| {{!}} two}}
|align="right"|{{Tlx|SISTER=W:|!}} is dubious
|| {{Tlx|SISTER=W:|Tlx|x2|<nowiki>2=</nowiki>|<nowiki>3=two</nowiki>}}
|| {{Tlx|SISTER=W:|x2|2=|3=two}}
|empty really doesn't work
|| {{Tlx|SISTER=W:|Tlx|x2|<nowiki>2=one</nowiki>|two}}
|| {{Tlx|SISTER=W:|x2|2=one|two}}
|'''two''' clobbers '''2=one'''
|| {{Tlx|SISTER=W:|Tlx|x2|<nowiki>3=two</nowiki>|<nowiki>2=one</nowiki>}}
|| {{Tlx|SISTER=W:|x2|3=two|2=one}}
|align="right"|right to left okay
| {{tlx|tlx|x2|<nowiki>3=two</nowiki>|<nowiki>2=one</nowiki>}} | {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|x2|3=two|2=one}} | {{align|right|irregular parameter order is okay}}
; Unlimited parameters as one {{tag|nowiki}} string
: {{tlx{{\sandbox}}|tlx|convert|<nowiki>&lt;nowiki>14|m|ftin|abbr=out|sp=us&lt;/nowiki></nowiki>}}
== See also ==
<!--- Categories applied to both /doc style Documentation page and to the parent templates --->
* {{tl|tlxb}}, a version of {{tlf|tlx}} where the template name is shown in bold.
[[Category:Templates using ParserFunctions|{{{PAGENAME}}}]]
*: {{tl|tlb}}, a version of {{tlf|tl}} where the template name is shown in bold.
* {{tl|temt}}, a version of {{tlf|tlx}} that handles templates whose names include "Template:" and pages outside the Template: [[Wikipedia:Namespace|namespace]] that are treated as templates.
* {{tl|para}}, for the presentation of template parameters and values (e.g. {{para|paraname|val}}, {{para|another}}, etc).
== Template-linking templates ==
<!-- Add the Categories for this doc or usage page (only-- not for the calling template) BELOW THIS LINE --->
{{Template-linking templates}}
<noinclude>[[Category:Template documentation|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>
<includeonly>{{#ifeq:{{SUBPAGENAME}}|sandbox | |{{#ifeq:{{BASEPAGENAME}}|Tlx |
[[Category:Internal template-link templates]]
[[Category:Typing-aidInterwiki link templates |{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Typing-aid templates]]
[[Category:Templates using ParserFunctions|{{{PAGENAME}}}]]
}} }}</includeonly>