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There were no specific ministries back then, there were some minister who were responsible for several affairs, but they were not called minister of this and that as far as I can see. But it does say in that link you added, that Hákun Djurhuus from 1963 - 1967 was Prime minister, but at the same time he was also minister of
:"Uttanlands-, heilsu- og samferðslumál" which means that he was minister of foreign affairs (uttanlandsmál), health (heilsumál) and infrastructure (samferðslumál). Løgmaður means Prime minister (Løg=Law, maður=man) and landsstýrismaður means minister (landsstýri=government, maður=man). [[Brúkari:EileenSanda|EileenSanda]] ([[Brúkarakjak:EileenSanda|talk]]) 15. feb 2014 kl. 00:59 (UTC)
::Thanks :) [[Brúkari:Żyrafał|Żyrafał]] ([[Brúkarakjak:Żyrafał|talk]]) 15. feb 2014 kl. 08:04 (UTC)