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<big><span style="color:green">SOME NOTES HERE.</span></big> <big><span style="color:blue">WATCH THIS PLEASE</span></big>
'''DO NOT <span class="plainlinks">[[|<span style="color:red">VANDALIZE</span>]]'''</span> this page.<br/>
* If you are trying to contact me, please do not put message here. Instead of putting message here '''YOU PUT YOUR MESSAGE''' <span class="plainlinks">[[ talk:Pratyya Ghosh|'''</big><big><span style="color:green">here</span></big></big>''']]</span>
* '''<span style="color:red">If you put message here I can't give you the surity that you'll get a reply.</span>'''
* You can also contact me by leaving a message via '''E-MAIL''' by clicking <span class="plainlinks">[[ GhoshPratyya_Ghosh/E-mailmail_Me Me|'''<big><big><span style="color:blue">here</span></big></big>''']]</span>.
* It is '''''{{#time:g:i A|{{CURRENTTIME}}{{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{{1}}}|+6}}hours}}''''' where this user lives <span class="plainlinks">[[w| '''Dhaka''']]</span>, <span class="plainlinks">[[w| '''Bangladesh''']]</span>