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(→‎Request for comment on inactive administrators: Extending text. A modest proposal (NOT in Swiftian tradition). Move the discussion?)
:::::On the other hand, politely asking people who have been absent from ''all'' activity here for two yearswhether they wish to retain their rights could not be wrong. Seemingly, none of the overwhelmin amount of people who have discussed this (i. e., us three) would agree to at least this modest proposal; but of course we might want to ask e. g. Quackor for his opinion (since he has had most experience with this, and is one of the principals behind the present rules; see [[Wikipedia:Áheitan um umboðsstjórastøðu]] and [[Wikipedia:Undirhúsið/Savn 7#Umboðsmaður]]; by the way, were those lists ever copied to some weasonably visible position?).
:::::Eileen, since you already started this check, could you please continue, by checking the dates of the last activity of any kind for these administrators?
:::::Perhaps, we also should copy our present discussion to [[Wikipedia-kjak:Áheitan um umboðsstjórastøðu]], and continue in Nordic languages? [[Brúkari:JoergenB|Jörgen B]] ([[Brúkarakjak:JoergenB|talk]]) 23. mai 2013 kl. 13:03 (UTC)
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