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→‎Request for comment on inactive administrators: Extending text. A modest proposal (NOT in Swiftian tradition). Move the discussion?
(→‎Request for comment on inactive administrators: Better to consider the ordinary brúkaraíkast, IMHO.)
(→‎Request for comment on inactive administrators: Extending text. A modest proposal (NOT in Swiftian tradition). Move the discussion?)
::::I didn't say that Quackor should not be a bureaucrat any more, I just mentioned how long time ago it has been since almost all administrators have been active here, hoping for some kind of response and discussion on this matter. I do agree with you Jørgen, it is not a good idea to have only one bureocrat. Yes, I know that Quackor made me an administrator 1 and a half year ago, but there has been very little action since then, and you are right, that he has performed ''bureocrat actions'', when he has been active. I also agree with Niceley that there is no reason to have a number of inactive users with administrator rights. One year might be a bit too short time for a little Wikipedia as this one, but a maximum of two years without performing any administrative actions or any other action I would say is enough to remove those rights from a user and of course ask them first if they have any comment or if they wish to become active again. I used [ this list] (20 recently absent wikipedians, ordered by number of contributions) along with looking at the user contributions when I mentioned the period of inactivity of most of the administrators. Yes, you are right Jørgen, the list includes only article edits, and not the more important ''bureocrat actions'' or ''administrator actions''. Quackor has made [ one beaurocrat action] within the last year, it was on 28 December 2012. His second last action was to make me an administrator on 16 October 2011. I wish that he would become more active again, and I would wish that more people became active editors on the Faroese Wikipedia. Best regards [[Brúkari:EileenSanda|EileenSanda]] ([[Brúkarakjak:EileenSanda|talk]]) 23. mai 2013 kl. 07:24 (UTC)
:::::There is a risk in concentrating on article edits when you consider activity. If you had checked Quackor's ordinary contributions (by means of the brúkaraíkast option), you would have found out that he was active in december as a bureocrat from [ this], also without checking the measures he finally decided to take.
:::::I think that the truth is that there presently are rather sparce reasons for bureocrat actions in the fowp. (Niceley, how often have you found reason to act as a bureocrat, since you became one?) This of course is a bit of a pity; but there it is. [[Brúkari:JoergenB|Jörgen B]] ([[Brúkarakjak:JoergenB|talk]]) 23. mai 2013 kl. 12:13 (UTC)
:::::Niceley, different wikipedias have different rules. I think that nowp didn't introduce the one year time limit until a couple of years ago. When fowp has achieved the number of active users that nowp had then, of course such rules could be sensible.
:::::On the other hand, politely asking people who have been absent from ''all'' activity here for two yearswhether they wish to retain their rights could not be wrong. Seemingly, none of the overwhelmin amount of people who have discussed this (i. e., us three) would agree to at least this modest proposal; but of course we might want to ask e. g. Quackor for his opinion (since he has had most experience with this, and is one of the principals behind the present rules; see [[Wikipedia:Áheitan um umboðsstjórastøðu]] and [[Wikipedia:Undirhúsið/Savn 7#Umboðsmaður]]; by the way, were those lists ever copied to some weasonably visible position?).
:::::Eileen, since you already started this check, could you please continue, by checking the dates of the last activity of any kind for these administrators?
::::Perhaps, we also should copy our present discussion to [[Wikipedia-kjak:Áheitan um umboðsstjórastøðu]], and continue in Nordic languages? [[Brúkari:JoergenB|Jörgen B]] ([[Brúkarakjak:JoergenB|talk]]) 23. mai 2013 kl. 13:03 (UTC)
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