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==Can you help me please ?==
Hello Quackor, I am fond of art and I am looking for some who could upload on fo.wikipedia [ this page]. Very grateful if you can translate it when you have time --[[Brúkari:Alessandroga80|Alessandroga80]] 10. feb 2011 kl. 20:19 (UTC)
== Bureaucrat ==
Hey Quackor! I would once again like to give it a shot. I've now been an active user for more than five years and my Faroese has continually improved over the years. My level of contribution has also improved and I feel like I'm making better articles, as well as contributions to existing ones. I've taken in mind the tips I've been given, and I'm for instance writing articles that are a lot less opinionated/subjective. This is something I realize that I've done in the past and a thing I know won't repeat itself in the future.
I still think it's a terrible idea to only have one single bureaucrat and I'd still suggest that I'm the most qualified user to become the second bureaucrat. I think the bureaucrat rights would make me able to make more positive contributions and help the Wikipedia improve, something we all want it to.
I therefore, once again, ask you to give me bureaucrat rights. [[Brúkari:Niceley|Niceley]] 4. mars 2011 kl. 23:19 (UTC)