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{{Main|De La Soul discography}}
*''[[3 Feet High and Rising]]'' (1989)
*''[[De La Soul is Dead]]'' (1991)
*''[[Buhloone Mindstate]]'' (1993)
*''[[Stakes Is High]]'' (1996)
*''[[Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump]]'' (2000)
*''[[AOI: Bionix]]'' (2001)
*''[[De La Mix Tape: Remixes, Rarities and Classics]]'' (2004)
*''[[The Grind Date]]'' (2004)
*''[[The Impossible: Mission TV Series - Pt. 1]]'' (2006)
*''[[Are You In?: Nike+ Original Run]]'' (2009)
*''[[The Impossible Mission: Operation Japan]]'' (2009)
*''[[You're Welcome (album)|You're Welcome]]'' (2010)
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