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Hi, I don't really know what I could have done differently in this case; all the other languages were pointing to the page, so the bot added the missing interwikis. Note that an empty page is not the same as a nonexisting page; if it was nonexisting (e.g. deleted or never existed) the bot would instead remove the links to it from other wikis, but in this case that was not the case. I'm not a programmer, so I wouldn't be able to fix this myself, but I can bring it on to the pywikipediabot team. If you have problems with massive vandalism like this you can request help in [irc://freenode/#wikimedia-stewards #wikimedia-stewards] [ (web)] (best response time) or send a mail to [] (slower response time), and they will be more than happy to help. :-) [[Brúkari:Jon Harald Søby|Jon Harald Søby]] 17. mai 2010 kl. 14:45 (UTC)
: I think that for such a small wikipedia as the faroese there should be some more constraints, as it can easily become impossible to keep up with these kinds of automatic corrections. I think a bot should first correct interwiki links of a page if the page links to other wikis. If a page does not link to any pages it should be up to the page writers to add the first interwiki, thus defining the page relation. [[Brúkari:Quackor|<font size="+1"><span class="Unicode" style="font-family:{{Unicode fonts}}; font-family /**/:inherit;">&#x211A;</span></font>uackor]] 17. mai 2010 kl. 16:40 (UTC)
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