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:I should explain the secondary Faroese use of "heiðin", as it has been explained to me. Since the various elves or gnomes or huldufólk or similar "nature spirits" supposedly were not baptised, they were often referred to as "heathens". This is often a way to refer to nature spirits in kvæði.
:Have you planned to add your English text ''supra'' to e.g. the article [[:en:Religion in Iceland]]?[[Brúkari:JoergenB|Jörgen B]] 21. jan 2010 kl. 16:25 (UTC)
::Ah, I see. I only understand a little bit of Faroese, being a native speaker of Icelandic, but I can't really say I know the language. I have already added the text above to the article [[:en:Religion in Iceland]] (see [[:en:Religion_in_Iceland#Modern Iceland]]). I can translate it into Icelandic, but I'm afraid I cannot translate it into Faroese. [[Brúkari:Cessator|Cessator]] 21. jan 2010 kl. 16:35 (UTC)