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Here is a suggestion (written in English because, well, it may be of use on the English Wikipedia as well). If anyone would like to translate this into Faroese, please do:
"About 283 thousand inhabitants (89.13 per cent) are members of Christian congregations, of which most (251.331 people or 79,1 per cent) are members of the Church of Iceland. However, according to a 2004 survey<ref>[ Trúarlíf Íslendinga: Viðhorfskönnun] (2004), p. 26.</ref> only 69.3 per cent claimed to be religious, whereas 19.1 per cent said they were not religious and 11.6 per cent said they were not able to say whether or not they were religious. Of those who said they were religious 76.3 per cent said that they were Christian, whereas 22.4 per cent said that they "believed in their own way"<ref>[ Trúarlíf Íslendinga: Viðhorfskönnun] (2004), p. 28.</ref>. This would indicate that in fact 52.9 per cent of Icelanders are actually Christian despite the membership numbers in Christian congregations.
Moreover, when asked to select a statement that best represented their opinion, 39.4 per cent of Icelanders said they believe in the existence of a benevolent god to whom one can pray, 19.2 per cent said that god must exist or else life would be meaningless, 19.7 per cent said that it is impossible to know whether or not god exists, 26.2 per cent said that no god exists which has not been created by man, 9.4 per cent said that god created the universe and presided over it and 9.7 per cent said that none of the aforementioned statements represented their opinion.<ref>[ Trúarlíf Íslendinga: Viðhorfskönnun] (2004), p. 30.</ref>" --[[Brúkari:Cessator|Cessator]] 20. jan 2010 kl. 21:37 (UTC)