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Required parameters marked in bold.

{{Infobox writing system
| name      = 
| altname   = 2ary name
| type      = (see type options below)
The following three fields, prefixed SH (ShortHand), are used only if the type parameter is set as "shorthand" or "stenography":
| SHline    = ("light" or "heavy" - heavy-line shorthands distinguish thick and thin strokes)
| SHtype    = (see SHtype options below)
| SHform    = (see SHform options below)
| typedesc  = (For providing additional info after a general type)
| languages = (Major languages using the writing system)
| creator   = (Use instead of famN for artificially created writing systems)
| date      = (Date created)
| published = (Date published - for shorthands and script reforms)
| time      = (Time period during which system was in use)
| fam1      = (Use famN to specify parent writing system/s.
| fam2      =  Up to 15 parent writing systems can be listed,
  ...          fam1 being the oldest.)
| fam15     = 
| print     = (the print basis/model of a braille script)
| sisters   = (For sister writing systems here with common origin)
| children  = (For child writing systems)
| sample    = (Sample image, WITHOUT "Image:" prefix)
| imagesize = (Sample image's size)
| unicode   = (To specify a Unicode range)
| iso15924  = (Either the ISO 15924 four-letter code or number. Template will automatically display both)
| iso15924 note = (To specify more text on the ISO 15924 four-letter codes, e.g. variants, aliases)
| footnotes = (Some information about the writing system)
| note      = (set to "none" to cancel IPA warning)

While it is probably important to always list at least the immediate 'parent' of any writing system, it isn't always practical to list all of the 'children' if this number is too large.

Options for type parameterEdit

Select color coding according to the type of writing system:

Abjad Alphabet Abugida Syllabary Semisyllabary
Manual Pictographic Ideographic Logographic
Stenography Shorthand Undeciphered Alternative (default)

Options for SHform parameterEdit

This field should only be included if "type" = stenography or shorthand. Select text color coding according to the shorthand letterforms:

Cursive Printed Stenographic Geometric Script
Semi-Script Elliptical Script-Geometric (default)

Options for SHtype parameterEdit

This field should only be included if "type" = stenography or shorthand. Select background color coding according to the type of writing system:

Abjadi Consonantal Alphabetic Abugida Syllabic
Semisyllabic Mixed Undeciphered Alternative (default)

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